“Extraordinarily decorative felt rugs handmade by nomadic peoples in Kyrgyzstan”

Financial Times, How To Spend It

Unique felt rugs from the Mountains of Heaven

For over two and a half thousand years, the nomadic peoples of the remote and beautiful Tien Shan mountains in Central Asia have made sumptuous wool felt rugs (shyrdaks) to line their tents.

Felt is the first company to source shyrdaks direct from nomadic makers across Kyrgyzstan and import them for sale in the UK. The collection includes a broad range of patterns and colour combinations from dazzling and bright, to elegant and subtle.

Shyrdaks are more than simply beautifully crafted geometric works of art. The felt shapes are not abstract motifs but items of vocabulary in an ancient language still generic to Kyrgyzstan’s nomadic people. Shyrdak makers combine symbols to describe a scene, tell a story, or bestow good fortune on a house or a marriage.

Our Rugs

“These are investment pieces – skilfully crafted works of art that are remarkably hard-wearing”

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Our Collection

A selection of Felt’s current collection of handmade shyrdaks can be viewed at the London showroom by appointment. Also, a small selection readily available for sale is featured on the Rugs page of this website.

Bespoke commissions
Additional designs are continually being sourced and may be imported to order. Bespoke shyrdaks of different sizes, colours, patterns and meanings can also be commissioned.

We also welcome trade enquiries from shops, interior designers and architects. Please visit the trade page of our website.

For further information or to arrange a viewing, please contact Tim Moock.

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