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Meet Tim of Felt Rugs

Tim Moock of Felt brought his first Shyrdaks back to the UK after visiting Kyrgyzstan in 1996 and has now become the leading expert on these wonderfully decorative and authentic rugs.

Tim grew up in Holland Park, West London. The son of artist parents Tim’s first degree was in History of Art at the University of East Anglia in the mid-1980s.

Working first in Britain’s Contemporary Art World for Arts Review Magazine and a variety of London art galleries, Tim gravitated to other publishing houses and eventually to BBC World Service where he enjoyed over a decade publishing materials for BBC English around the world.

It was while working for the BBC in Central Asia in the mid 1990s that Tim first encountered Shyrdaks in Kyrgyzstan and stunned by their beauty began his own private collection.

In the 20 years since, Tim has become a leading expert on these wonderfully decorative and authentic rugs.

After completing a Masters in Business Administration, Tim left the BBC to set up Felt, which launched officially in 2007 and which happily brought Tim back to the world of art.

For further information or to arrange to view Felt’s rugs in London or Somerset, please contact Tim Moock.

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Tim Moock, founder of Felt Rugs

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